New Zealand

Work at Height requires specialist equipment, and speciaiist knowledge.


Technical gear for safe work at height.

Recall: 2013 Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical prusik

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Dry bags, packs, duffles, gear protection.

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Durable static ropes for vertical access professionals.

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Draw attention, make yourself heard with a loud penetrating whistle.

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The original multifunction headwear

Buff Australian Collection
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Quality karabiners.

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Elasticated utility straps, hold down your gear securely.

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A great and practical hat. Keeping the sun off when you work long hours outdoors is a really good idea.

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Specialist harnesses for events, theatre and just spinning in space.

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The easy way to remove those ticks.

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Easily wash your ropes, to improve their life.

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Strong utility links

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Quality ascenders.

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